Residence 77

The redevelopment of traditional terraced houses into apartment blocks is a phenomenon which we cannot deny. With this project our aim was to elevate this process into something which still creates dwellings which embodies architectural and urban quality, interior comfort and amenity as well as increased market value.

Our intention was to create a crisp, clean and bright volume. High contrast is created through the sharp perforations which incorporate black-framed apertures. Said apertures were designed floor to ceiling, not only to create elegant vertical proportions but also to maximise natural light.

Careful consideration of these apertures is a big part of what gives this project its elevated quality. This continues in the main entrance at ground floor which is marked by a black, natural stone cladding. This cladding subtly incorporates a black main door which in turn serves as a dark backdrop to the landscaping within the front garden. The front garden and outdoor flight of steps were similarly considered as a monolithic travertine mass, complemented by black accessories and carefully selected vegetation.



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Alex Attard