In The Beginning

Archi+ is an architecture studio focused on delivering projects that will stand the test of time. By creating an environment that drives the most talented architects to flourish, Archi+ teams up with its clients to deliver iconic work. Putting honest and open dialogue first, the team puts its never-ending quest for innovation to work for a handful of selected clients that share a passion for the creation of timeless architecture.

Co-founders Adrian Mangion and Warren Falzon have witnessed Archi+ grow from a team of three architects to a fully-fledged design and consultancy office.Their initial plan for Archi + was to set up an environment that champions creativity and this remains true today. Upon entering the well-lit studios, you are greeted by a warm energy that comes from having a positive, happy team which is allowed to thrive in a unique space where ideas can be generated and realized through hard work and innovation.
Individualism at Archi+ is celebrated within an environment that is conducive to personal and professional growth.

The very fabric of the office grew as a result of this philosophy and the founders and their core team members would not have it any other way. They take the role of being guides on the sides and do away with the traditional vertical flow of many organisations. “Here, we want people to come in and learn. We enjoy life together and all love our jobs.”
Throughout the years we have seen Archi+ evolve from being a bright start-up to what has now emerged as one of Malta’s most exciting companies, with a vast portfolio of projects.

The projects are guided by a simple philosophy of assuring good design principles, high quality and attention to detail.
Adrian and Warren’s focus on business development is vital to the growth of Archi+ and their core strengths help bring in new clients. Their rich experience and passion makes them the primary point of reference for large scale projects and having their input from the start is key here as their knowledge and overall vision can easily spread, by means of the horizontal layout of the firm, across all sections of the company.


ARCHI+ Is Split Into 3 Main Teams


The Architecture Team

The Architecture Team is a two-part working group.

The vibrant Design Team is led by Partner and Head of Design Anthea Huber, whose remarkable energy oozes through the team on a daily basis.This team can be seen as the creative engine of Archi+. It is where most innovative ideas come to life, and this group depends on the efficiency of the surrounding departments that ensure the ideas born on paper can become a reality.Working in the design team requires a deep understanding of the way humans live. Anthea’s team builds on empathy to design innovative solutions. Making beautiful spaces is the everyday goal of the team and the best part about this is that every day is different as each project comes with a fresh set of challenges and exciting ideas.

The Design Team is perfectly complemented by the Structures Team to create a holistic approach to architecture. Our structural experts combines their experience with the desire to improve every project by innovative engineering. This is often necessary to ensure translation of beautiful design from our screens into living structures. The combined end result is one that we are always proud to present and our portfolio collects work which combines all the innovation crafted here at Archi+


The Planning & Real Estate Consultancy Team

Adrian Mangion drives the Planning and Valuations team.
Requiring expertise in building regulations and planning policies, the team ensures an efficient and smooth application process. With projects ranging from small domestic designs to major residential and commercial projects, the team manages planning from end-to-end, liaising with authorities and managing planning permits, with direct input from the design and structures teams.
The team also puts five years of property valuation experience to work for our clients across all stages of their developments such as property acquisition, development and sale. Our services include property valuations, feasibility studies, estimate of works, development appraisals, and cost-benefit analysis.


The Project Management Team

No projects can come to life without the project managers, and their team lead Warren Falzon.
Warren oversees the development of Archi+ ideas and is based on site to have an extension of our expertise at every step of the way.
Realising the growth of projects drives Warren, who finds creating things from scratch a highly motivating factor. This department is directly hands on and technical so the challenges here are unique, allowing Warren and his team to flex their problem-solving skills. We see evidence of their work around the island, including proud moments like the work carried out on the Valletta Parliament Building, where the project management team supervised finishing works.

The Team

Our team of qualified professionals & experts ready to support your next project.

Adrian Mangion

Head of Planning & Valuations + Founding Partner

Warren Falzon

Head of Project Management + Founding Partner

Anthea Huber

Head of Design + Partner

Shirley Agius

Senior Architect

Theo Cachia

Design Architect

Daphne Bugeja

Design Architect

Nemanja Zivkovic

3D Artist

Liliana Vella

Senior Architect

Cedric Calleja

Planning Manager

Justin Mizzi

Valuation Specialist

Claude Graham

Architect's Assistant

Fabio Spiteri Grech

Structural Engineer

Kurt Fenech

Structural Drawing Technician

Malcolm Micallef

Structural Drawing Technician

Michael Cardona

Quantity Surveyor / Site Manager

Matthew Cachia Zammit

Architect / Senior Project Manager

Daniel Camilleri

Project Manager

Mihaela Pita

Project Manager

Luca Vitale

Project Manager

Rachel Attard

Procurement Officer

Glenn Owen Spiteri

Senior Project Manager

Rachel Zammit

Accounts Executive