About Us


Here at Archi+, we embrace a mindful philosophy driven by our commitment to collaboration, well-being, sustainability and innovation. We challenge norms, pushing the boundaries of design while maintaining a strong sense of composure. We prioritise growth within the team and provide a transparent and professional work environment.

The Archi+ team turns visionary ideas into reality with commitment, integrity, and boldness. This holistic approach defines Archi+ as a practice that balances these values to drive a positive change. The quest for timeless design is a journey we embark on with a select group of clients who share our passion for crafting architecture. With audacity, we inscribe contextual narratives into every design, reshaping the future while paying homage to the past, ultimately etching a lasting legacy in the architectural landscape.


Our approach, thinking and success are based on our company values and the following core principles:

We think global as well as local. We believe that adhering to international best practice and the highest standards are critical to the development and commitment of our team to offer excellence and to survive and thrive with today’s challenges.

Our holistic and multidisciplinary approach along with our priceless network sets us apart. Our culture of collaboration, humility and respect drives us to deliver solutions and keeps us up to date with all sectors of the industry and market. This helps us embrace the increasingly transient nature of this sector and prepares ourselves for fundamental and frequent change.

Ethics, professionalism and transparency are vital towards quality work. No trade secrets, no dependency. Our reports are exhaustive and transparent with all rationale, assumptions, research and workings shown as we look to pass on our experience and knowledge to our clients, not retain it.

We maintain and develop essential knowledge and professional practice. This is done through the development of quality control and assurance policies, following professional standards and regulatory and legal requirements, life-long learning commitments while constantly practising.

+ Milestones



Founders, Adrian, Richard and Warren took the leap in starting the Archi+ we know today. The enthusiastic personality cultivated at Archi+ has always differed our team from typical offices. From the start, Archi+ has been a multi-faceted firm, having roots in Planning and Structural Engineering.


Dream Team

Anthea, today Partner and Head of Design, revamped the vibrant Archi+ Design Team accentuating an inclusive creative space, further cultivating the team's diverse concepts and ideas.


Leaps and Bounds

Project Management goes back to the beginning of Archi+. With a challenge-seeking approach, Archi+ started tackling large scale projects, such as the coordination of interior finishes of the Renzo Piano Parliament Building, and Tigne Point's Q2 Tower. This was a huge leap in the right direction, shaping the company we are today.


Moving Up

From a small 3 roomed office above a stationery in Birkirkara, to our beloved open plan studio in Lija, Archi+ has grown and transformed beyond anything we ever dreamed of.



The Advisory Team is introduced at Archi+, making us a complete multi-disciplinary team. Archi+ offers Architectural Design, Structural Engineering, Project Management, Planning and Advisory services to its clients.

+ awards


Adrian Mangion
Founding Partner & Director
Alannah Xuereb
Structural Engineer
Andrea Bianco
Planning Architect
Angele Figg
Administrative Assistant
Anthea Huber
Partner & Director
Carla Cardona
Trainee Designer
Cedric Calleja
Construction Technician
Claude Graham
Finishes Technician & Interior Designer
Daniel Camilleri
Project Manager
Daphne Bugeja
Interior Architect
David Debattista
Trainee Designer
Elaine Azzopardi
Accounts & Payroll Clerk
Fabio Spiteri Grech
Head of Engineering
Fredrick Buhagiar
Construction Manager
Hannah Zerafa
Julian Vella
Trainee Quantity Surveyor
Justin Mizzi
Karl Camilleri
Design Architect
Kurt Fenech
Quantity Surveyor
Kyle Schembri
Laura Piccinino
Trainee Valuer
Liliana Vella
Head of Planning
Luca Vitale
Construction Manager
Luke Farrugia
Architect's Assistant
Malcolm Micallef
Construction Technician
Maria Bilocca
Design Architect
Matthew Grech
Concept Architect & Photographer
Michael Cardona
Quantity Surveyor
Nicole Marie Grima
Planning Architect
Rachel Bezzina
Workflow Manager
Rachel Zammit
Accounting Manager
Rebecca Delicata
Design Architect
Sara Ann Borg
Planning Architect
Shirley Agius Xuereb
Head of Design
Theo Cachia
Concept Architect
Warren Falzon
Founding Partner & Director
Wayne Farrugia
CG Artist & Architect's Assistant