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Architecture, Interior, Planning, Structures
Commercial, Offices
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Matthew Grech
4230 sq.m

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Nestled on Valley Road, this project embraced simplicity and minimalism. A single shade dominated the colour scheme, expressed in various textures. The architectural structure featured clean, linear geometries. The front facade used horizontal elements against a leafy backdrop to create shadows. Inside, two vibrant colours were strategically applied to furniture, ceilings, walls, and floors, adding energy and appeal. Natural materials were used to showcase authentic hues and textures. Thoughtfully integrated fitted furniture enhanced functionality and provided an immersive interior experience.

During the excavation process of three underground levels, encountering sea-water level was anticipated based on pre-construction testing. Consequently, a partially retaining structure was devised and implemented at basement level to redirect water flow away from the building without impacting adjacent structures. The architectural emphasis on simplicity and reduction was also reflected in the structural design, employing a reinforced concrete flat slab system supported by reinforced concrete columns. This design facilitated flexibility in the dynamic office environment, utilising state-of-the-art structural design codes ensured stability throughout the nine-storey structure, while optimizing material usage through efficient steel-to-concrete ratios, thereby offering a cost-effective solution.

Client Testimonial:

“Working with Archi+ has been an exceptional experience from start to finish. We appreciated the team’s professionalism, expertise, and dedication. They listened attentively to our requirements and vision for the corporate offices and translated them into an outstanding design that exceeded our expectations.”


Advisory Team: Adrian Mangion, Michael Cardona & Rachel Bezzina

Design Team: Anthea Huber & Theo Cachia

Planning Team: Andrea Bianco & Cedric Calleja

Structural Team: Fabio Spiteri Grech & Malcolm Micallef

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