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This team empowers our clients with comprehensive assistance throughout all phases of the real estate lifecycle.

We deliver clarity, forward-looking insights and intelligent advice through our diverse range of integrated services. Our expertise and portfolio spans three core divisions: valuation and investment advisory, cost management and consultancy, and sustainability and ESG services.


Our approach, thinking and success are based on our company values and the following core principles:

We think global as well local. We believe that adhering to international best practice and the highest standards are critical to the development and commitment of our team to offer excellence and to survive and thrive with today’s challenges.
Our holistic and multidisciplinary approach along with our priceless network sets us apart, And our culture of collaboration, humility and respect drives us to deliver solutions and keeps us up to date with all sectors of the industry and market. This helps us embrace the increasingly transient nature of this sector and prepares ourselves for fundamental and frequent change.
Ethics, professionalism and transparency are vital towards quality work. No trade secrets, no dependency. Our reports are exhaustive and transparent with all rationale, assumptions, research and workings shown as we look to pass on our experience and knowledge to our clients, not retain it.

We maintain and develop essential knowledge and professional practice. This is done through the development of quality control and assurance policies, following professional standards and regulatory and legal requirements, life-long learning commitments and constantly practising.


Some of our notable clients who use our advisory and valuation services include:


We offer a full suite of valuation services which will enable you to get reliable, quality and accurate assessments from qualified valuers with expertise across all property types (residential, commercial, operational and development) and all valuation purposes.

Valuation types:

  • Desktop and drive-by valuations
  • Valuation reviews
  • Rental valuations
  • Joint valuation


  • Secured Lending and Obtaining Finance
  • Compulsory Purchase
  • Financial Reporting
  • Tax Related Purposes
  • Divisions and Mergers
  • Transaction Support
  • Litigation Support

Property types:

  • Residential: multi-family, single-units
  • Commercial: office, retail, shopping malls, warehousing, industrial and logistics, parking facilities
  • Operational: hospitality, catering, entertainment, care homes
  • Development: sites – unconverted properties – airspaces
  • Other: rural – historic properties
  • Strategic Advice
  • Development
  • Appraisals
  • Viability Assessments
  • Site Selection
  • Highest and Bes Use Analysis
  • Calculations of Worth
  • Investment Performance and Analysis
  • Lease Advisory
  • Market Studies

Our work is analytical as well as descriptive, we answer the supplementary question to ‘what is the price?’ which is ‘is it worth that price?’ by helping our clients identify investments that meet their needs, perform feasibility assessments, monitor their performance and support them through all phases of the real estate lifecycle.

  • Quantity Surveying
  • Cost Estimation
  • Rebuilding Cost Assessments
  • Tendering and Procurement
  • Value Engineering
  • Cost Control
  • Cash Flow Management
  • Contractual Advise
  • Benchmarking
  • Economic Life and DRC Analysis

Our cost managers play a key role throughout the entire project lifecycle, offering a comprehensive range of services related to cost management and consultancy. In essence our system is designed to optimize this process from cost estimation, procurement and contract administration to quantity surveying, certification and rebuilding cost assessments (aka insurance valuations) in a clear and effective matter. By incorporating these strategies, we can enhance the accuracy of our cost analysis and surveying efforts, providing our employers with the peace of mind they seek.

  • Permit Investigations and Compliance
  • Planning Assessments
  • Condition Assessments
  • Risk analysis and Mitigation
  • Building History

We can assist you in due diligence and risk assessments which are an integral input to the real estate investing process, be it for acquisitions, division, mergers or lending opportunities. We helps clients perform these functions and avoid surprises with an in-depth grasp of the real estate industry, along with our specialized expertise in construction and planning areas.

  • Property Condition Reports
  • Property Description and Analysis Reports
  • Measurement Studies
  • Land Registry Site Plans

Building for people, not just spaces:

  • Health and Wellness Design Consultancy
  • Accessibility and DEI Consultancy
  • Climate Resilience and Risk Mitigation
  • Retrofitting Excellence

Certifications in PassiveHouse, Fitwel, Well, BREEAM

At Archi+, we believe that sustainability and resiliency is more about changing attitude and culture than it is about satisfying requirements. Hence, sustainable thinking and good design is integrated into all phases of our projects and departments.

We help you find sustainable solutions which maximise asset value, mitigate risk, create new revenue streams, reduce occupancy costs or enhance wellbeing. Enabling you to transform the way you invest in, develop, manage or occupy buildings.

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Advisory, Architecture, Interior, Planning, Structures
Advisory, Architecture, Interior, Planning, Structures
Advisory, Architecture, Planning, Structures
Advisory, Architecture, Planning, Structures
Advisory, Architecture, Interior, Planning, Structures
Advisory, Architecture, Interior, Planning, Structures
Architecture, Interior, Planning, Structures
Architecture, Interior, Planning, Structures