MIDI Tigne Q2 Block

Again, with MIDI Tigne Q2 Block, Archi+ was given the responsibility of handling a very public project which attracted the media from the start. Here we were the Lead Project Managers, and had to coordinate the design and site management for the main contractor working on the finishes and M&E of a 14-storey block of sixty apartments.

We had to ensure the delivery of all external and internal finishes, fixed furniture and all common areas. The project timeline was that of two years with a huge valuation of the project. 

Matthew and his team had their hands full but slowly and surely the project ticked over, and a space is being created where seamless design meets functionality as when you have a task of finishing 60 apartments, a large mass of people are being catered for as they look to go on about their daily lives. This execution filled the team with pride as it was impacting so many different people and was set in a crucial area of Malta – a growing city of such strong tradition and value.

This project ticked many boxes and involved Site Co-ordination between the various contractors, Design Detailing & Certification of Works as well as Commercial/Contractual Management.


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