Malta Architect Awards 2017 – Interior Design Winners

Archi+ was extremely proud to see lead designer Anthea Huber claim the prestigious award for Interior Design on behalf of her team at the Malta Architect Awards held at Villa Arrigo on October 30th 2017.

Her team was amongst eight hand-picked winners who each shone in their respective departments and categories, and it was their work on offices in San Gwann which caught the eye of the voters. The design stands out as it manages to reconcile the requirements of a clinical laboratory and a productive office while also creating a comfortable living space within the framework of a stricter organizational plan. The project merges three pillars together in a seamless way, allowing energy to flow calmly and also critically making sure work can not only carry on as normal, but due to the energy placed in designs, can improve in quality. When good design surrounds you, productivity and morale can increase amongst the workplace, and Anthea’s work shows us that a work environment does not need to look and feel formal or heavy. On the contrary, high ceilings with a lot of natural light and wide awnings and spaces for the mind to travel help create a healthy environment and overall ambience.

On the project, Archi+ managed to use a spectrum of materials, each with different tactile qualities and each one is maximized by being functional in the right space and environment. The firm manage to create “the industrious home office” by combining soft, colourful homely textures with rugged, sharper technology. You would never keep an MRI scanner at home, but nothing prevents its home from feeling like yours.

Anthea managed to raise the profile of her department and was quick to thank her colleagues for their tireless work on this project and others they have worked on as a team.

“It was a real honour that the team’s work and effort was recognized. I am proud of my team… really proud.” she added.

The space created is the ultimate example of how creativity can solve puzzles and re thinking how conventional spaces are viewed. “I think we won because the design really challenged standard interiors. The industrial feel make it look honest – it was quite a cohesive job and we challenged what the perception of a laboratory was”. Feel free to scroll through the photoshoot of the award-winning project here.