The Industrious Home Office

This project gave us the ultimate puzzle to play with. Here we had to use creative design to help people re-think how they view conventional spaces. AAT, an avant-garde company dedicated to the exploration and production of current edge medical technologies, providing patients with the chance of leading a better life. They required spaces dedicated to very specialised high-tech operations, such as gait analysis, MRI scanners, Virtual Reality and high density EEG.

Our challenge was to reconcile the clinical laboratory, a productive office, as well as a comfortable living space. Rolling the three into one gave us room to play and the exciting chance to change mindsets with the starting point of: How can such high-tech material come across in a new language never told before locally?

By considering the company’s cognitive research in line with contemporary studies about the office environment, the “industrious home office” was born, derived as a guiding design philosophy throughout the project – combining soft, colourful homely textures with rugged, sharper technology. You would never keep an MRI scanner at home, but nothing prevents its home from feeling like yours.

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