Seven Forts

This project represents the union of high concept architectural design and shrewd property development at a level that is rarely attempted locally. Our design team was involved from the very beginning, and by having full ownership of the entire 4000+ sqm site, we were able to play around with position and orientation of each unit. This creative freedom was significant to the process as it helped unlock the full potential of the site, which is very generously enveloped by green areas on two sides.

The complex itself is made up of seven completely unique villas, whose interior and exterior were designed in tandem, giving the villas their own shared DNA. By using a simple and consistent design language, all the residences are conceptually and aesthetically unified, giving the entire streetscape added appeal without compromising the independence of each villa.

Furthermore, windows and other large openings could be specifically designed to ensure that each unit enjoys plenty of natural light and views without disturbing the privacy of adjacent units.

Gross Area

Plot Area - 4150m2; Internal Area - 2450m2


Under Construction

Services Provided

Architecture Interior