Numero Uno Lounge

At Numero Uno we wanted to highlight the product in an exclusive manner – and what better product to showcase than the drinks itself.

Being a moving product that floats around the slick lounge in the hands of the patrons, we decided to put it on a pedestal and created a bar which serves as the main stage of the venue. We wanted this to be visible from everywhere, but the magic here is that you can view the bar differently from crafted angles and viewpoints.

We chose materials that would boost the product itself – the high quality brands on display. The thin but heavy solid steel was chosen as the main material and then coated black to add that extra slickness to the sturdy job it provides.

The ambient is set as the customers wander around a mixture of dark and reflective materials and the lighting here helps guide them through their new surroundings. Here the use of lighting helps set the five different parts of the lounge apart which include the bar, VIP lounge, the large lounge, an informal seating area and the lounge booths.

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Complete December 2017

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