Loggia Live

Tiny, active changes influence the bigger picture in a unique fashion here, offering people the chance to interact with their capital city, while leaving a non-permanent message to their world.

The location of the installation here is everything. Set on the walls of the iconic Royal Opera house, Loggia Live breathes new life into the space where the audience now takes center stage and has a platform for composition.

The theatric backdrop gives the installation that platform and a sense of urgency as once a performance ends, there is no way to inhabit the same experience again.

The individual squares rotate smoothly representing the chance that takes place in a theatre space. Each performance is unique and each has its own life – from birth to final breath and applause.

Human expression and creativity makes theater and the turnover of artwork reflects that dance of change from one artist or composer to another. The fleeting nature of these personal compositions is what makes them special – much like how a one night only performance experienced live often feels more special than its perfectly re playable recorded counterpart.


Complete 2014


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