In Between 2 – Dhalia Offices Bormla

Respecting the building’s location and story served as the starting point here and each material chosen was hand-picked to showcase the building’s raw skeleton, paying tribute to a nostalgic form of design.

What we experience in this tight space is contrary to what you would expect. Light beams through the building, offering our eyes a chance to explore and us an opportunity to breathe and soak in the space. The dark spaces created further emphasize the natural light that comes from the single aperture’s main entrance.

A modular storage division brings the two different sections together, and this gives the space another new function, making it an ideal client space as well as a handy, working unit with all the necessary features.

A contrast of energies is brought about through the design of lightweight insets that provoke a feeling of change, respecting the old fabric, while embalming it with modern, functional items.

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