Art Deco Townhouse

It is not everyday that one gets to work with a building with such a rich architectural legacy. Originally designed by renowned architect Alberto La Ferla (1898-1942), this corner townhouse in Sliema is brimming with elements in the Art Deco style. Despite it’s age, the house was found in very good structural condition, bar some areas on the roof and backyard, where the majority of the architectural interventions are taking place. Simple volumetric geometries and bold colours contrast with delicate intricacies of the found architectural ornamentation.

Inside the Art Deco House, its mid-century modern lines merge important historical references from the ‘30s to the 60’s with contemporary influences. The building programme is intended to cater for a young family of 3 and incorporates ample space for any extended family of guests. Our client’s keen interest in retro furniture and eclectic fittings permeated into the entire interior design concept. Inspired by the well preserved ‘’antiporta’’ of the house, similar furniture experiences where designed to take the place of walls and re-define boundaries between internal spaces as permeable membranes. The feeling of the space sits equidistant between contemporary open plans and traditional townhouse layouts.




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