A Heart that beats to a new rhythm

The opening of Numero Uno did not only give us the unique opportunity to see how people interacted within a newly crafted space and environment, but it also allowed us to enjoy our work from a consumer’s perspective… and let our hair down for the evening!

Heart was given a new beat with our slick design, supported by the use of hard steel, coated in black and individually set and created lighting to help usher the crowds through the five different areas.

The centrepiece of the design is the all-new bar area, which came to life on an evening of fun. Seeing the bar from different viewpoints and angles made put the products displayed on a pedestal and they seemed to have enjoyed the limelight.

We were delighted to see the way the lounge was used – through the use of good design, the place has a calming buzz about it and a general feeling that one could relax, enjoy engaging conversation in one area, and let loose just across the floor.

Almost hovering as a centrepiece, patrons enjoyed the plush deep sofas and the teak-styled flooring resembled those found in a luxury yacht, floating in the middle of a calm sea. Being sat there is the perfect spot for people-watching and gossip collecting as the whole area surrounds you and you are almost hidden in plain sight amongst the buzzing crowd.

The bar behind the sofa area looks as calm as a metropolitan city at night, with all her lights on, ready to bounce back into life as soon as required. Bar men and women climb around the area with ease looking to pour you the perfect drink or mix the perfect cocktail from a chosen range of high end products.

There’s something magical about seeing our space and design being tested in a real-life scenario, and the smiles on the evening sent us all home very pleased and comforted in the knowledge that the lengthy design process used for this particular project was a good investment of time and energy. That satisfaction is hard to replace or replicate and the best way to test the process is in real life and watching people interact and use the environment was a very significant part of the whole process, ensuring a full circle was drawn, from the early sketches and designs, to the final product.